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Are You Getting All Of The Nutritional Supplements You Need

Are You Getting All Of The Nutritional Supplements You Need?

Are you certain that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs?

while you're dieting? Chances are that if you're following any

restrictive diet plan, you may be missing some important vitamins or minerals. Any diet that heavily emphasizes one food group while completely restricting others is, by nature, lacking in some essential nutrients.

Isn't that part of the idea, though? The popular conception of dieting

is that when we feed our bodies less calories than it needs, it will

begin to take nutrition from the fat that it has stored. While that's true, there's a basic fallacy in thinking that your body can derive all the fuel it needs that way. Part of the problem with that assumption is that there are many nutrients that your body can't store. It simply uses what it needs and excretes the rest. Those nutrients must be consumed daily in one way or another, and if your diet doesn't allow for that, your body will show the effects.

If you're on a diet that severely restricts your intake of any particular food or food group, you may benefit from adding a nutritional supplement to your daily regimen. In fact, many doctors recommend that dieters take, at the very least, a complete, high-quality multivitamin to make up for any deficiencies caused by the restrictions. Other supplementation might be recommended depending on the diet you're following.

Below are some specific suggestions based on particular diets. The

suggestions should not be taken as medical advice, nor is there any dosage recommendation. Instead, take it as a suggestion to discuss your diet with a nutritionist or dietician and ask for their advice on

appropriateness or dosage.

On ANY Diet:

A full-spectrum multivitamin should be part of your daily routine no

matter what you're eating or not eating. It will help even out the ups

and downs of your diet, and supply some valuable nutrients that are

difficult to get.

Sunshine. It may not come in pill form, but sunshine is one of the more

important 'nutritional supplements'. It assists the body in making

vitamin D, which is not derived from any food source. While doctors say

that as little as 20 minutes of full sun a day can supply your daily

requirement of vitamin D, they also caution that it's dependent on climate. If you live north of Philadelphia, you should take a vitamin D

supplement to be sure that you get enough.

On a Low-Carb/High Protein Diet:

Antioxidant vitamins that are found in vegetables are a must.

Scientists are learning more and more how important it is that our diets contain a full spectrum of vitamins, proteins, minerals and acids. If your diet cuts out most grains and vegetables, you should be replacing the nutrients you miss out on with supplementary vitamin A, C, B (all the B's), E and K. You should also supplement your intake of folic acid, and if you're not getting a significant amount of your protein from fish products, you'll need omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil, shellfish and flaxseed oil.

Keep in mind that the best diet is one that gives you a balance of

nutrients, and that supplements should be exactly that - a supplement to your daily intake of nutrition.



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