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The importance of fiber in the diet


Fiber is one of the most important parts of a healthy diet, and science is finding more evidence for the importance of fiber every single day. Fiber is known to play an important role in maintaining and gaining good health, and fiber may even pay a role in the prevention of many forms of cancer.


Fortunately for the healthy eater there are a number of foods that are both rich in fiber and delicious to eat. Including a variety of these fiber rich foods in a healthy diet is a great way to get the fiber you need while enjoying the taste you love.


Some of the most fiber rich foods on the market include such delicious staples as:


Raspberries – raspberries are a surprisingly good source of fiber, and they are a delicious choice both on their own, or mixed with yogurt, cereal or other foods.

Blackberries – like raspberries, blackberries are excellent sources of fiber. In addition, they are readily available and quite inexpensive.

Strawberries – strawberries are another surprising source of fiber, and fresh strawberries are a delicious addition to any healthy diet. Enjoy strawberries with cereal, yogurt, salad or on their own as a delicious snack.

Rye – unlike white bread and other highly processed grains, whole grains such as rye bread and rye crackers are excellent sources of fiber.

Broccoli – broccoli is one of those dark green leafy vegetables that is such a great source of fiber. In addition, broccoli is a delicious treat, whether on its own, steamed in a favorite recipe or served as part of a healthy salad.

Green beans – beans of all kinds are an important source of fiber, and green beans are among the best sources of fiber, and the most delicious and versatile of foods.

Apples (with skin) – apples are a good source of fiber, but only if the skin is eaten as well as the fruit.

Spinach – Like broccoli, spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable. Also like broccoli, spinach is a great source of fiber. In addition, spinach contains significant amounts of iron, and it is an all around healthy food.

Beet greens – beet greens are another excellent vegetable source of fiber.

Kale – kale is another one of those green leafy vegetables, and as such it is an excellent source of fiber.

Collard greens – long a staple of southern cooking, collard greens are an excellent nutritional value and a great source of dietary fiber.

Swiss chard – Swiss chard is another excellent source of fiber in the diet, and it should be part of any healthy diet.

Turnip greens – turnip greens have long been recognized for their many health benefits, and one of the most important of these benefits is the amount of fiber they contain.

Almonds – almonds are among the most fiber rich of all nuts, and they can be part of a healthy diet.

Brazil nuts – Brazil nuts are another excellent source of fiber in the diet.

Brussels sprouts – Another dark green leafy vegetable, Brussels sprouts are a great source of fiber, and many people find them quite delicious.

Cherries – cherries are a surprisingly good source of dietary fiber, and they can be part of any healthy diet.



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