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Food that helps reduce asthma symptoms

Food that helps reduce asthma symptoms


Asthma symptoms can be at best annoying and at worst life threatening and the bad news is that cases of asthma are on the rise. More and more children and adults are diagnosed with this condition every year, and asthma continues to be the most commonly diagnosed lung condition in the nation.


The good news, however, is that there is more and more interest in food that helps reduce asthma symptoms. Scientists and researchers are increasingly interested in the role of diet in preventing and treating a host of diseases, and many studies are underway into the many ways in which diet influences asthma symptoms.


Diet and asthma

One recent study focused on the role of diet in young children with asthma. The study focused on food that helps reduce asthma symptoms, and it found that those children who regularly consumed full fat milk, butter and similar dairy products were less likely to develop asthma.


In addition, the children who consumed these full fat dairy products, such as whole milk and butter, also experienced less wheezing than those children who did not consume such foods. This study seems to suggest that dairy products are one type of food that helps reduce asthma symptoms.


Whole wheat and asthma

Another type of food that helps reduce asthma symptoms may be whole wheat bread and other foods containing whole grains. These whole grain products are thought to help reduce the severity of asthma symptoms, and to help reduce the likelihood of asthma in children.


The same study found that fruit juice, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables eaten on a daily basis are another example of a food that helps reduce asthma symptoms.


Despite these promising studies, scientists are still unsure of the basic cause of asthma. There are a number of studies that suggest that food allergies may play a role in triggering asthma attacks. For those food allergy triggered attacks, it is important to find those foods that trigger the attacks, as well as finding food that helps reduce asthma symptoms.


Asthma and allergies

Once these dietary triggers are identified, it will be much easier to tailor the diet to avoid the bad foods and concentrate on that food which helps reduce asthma symptoms.


In some cases, asthma attacks can be triggered by food or drink that is very hot or very cold. On occasion, asthma can also be triggered by overeating. In addition, some people have asthma attacks that are triggered by reactions to common food preservatives, including the sulfites found in many processed meats and other foods. Often, therefore, finding food that helps reduce asthma symptoms simply consists of avoiding these common asthma triggers.


While changes in diet and eating food that helps reduce asthma symptoms can be remarkably effective, such dietary changes should not be undertaken without the advice and consent of your family physician or pediatrician. It is important that your doctor know what treatments you are taking, including not only medications but also dietary changes. This knowledge will allow your doctor to more effectively tailor a treatment program to deal with your asthma condition.







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