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What foods are healthy

Knowing what foods are healthy?


The question of what foods are healthy can often be quite a difficult one to answer. The research often seems to be in conflict, The studies that say a particular food is great for you one day often turn around and warn against that very food the next day. Sorting through all this clutter to find the real deal on nutrition and what foods are healthy can be difficult.


Dietary fads seem to come and go on an alarmingly regular basis as well. The low fiber high fat diets of yesterday give way to low fat low protein diets, and the wheel just keeps rolling, with too little thought given to what foods are healthy.


Understanding your current diet

When evaluating your own diet, it is important to take a couple of steps back and evaluate your own health, including what you want to get out of your diet. Knowing your own tastes and preferences, in addition to knowing which foods are healthy, will help you create a diet you can stick to for the rest of your life.


When choosing what foods are healthy, it is essential that you choose foods you actually like. If you choose a list of healthy foods you hate, you will obviously have trouble sticking to your diet long term, and your overall health and fitness level will suffer as a result. It is best to choose from the long list of healthy foods you already like, and to incorporate them into your diet for maximum benefit.


The importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet

Among the healthiest of all foods are fruits and vegetables. There is a good reason that fruits and vegetables make up such a large part of the government’s new food pyramid. The new government guidelines recommend that everyone eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, but unfortunately most people fall far short of this important goal. It is important, however, to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables into your diet as you possibly can.


Eating fruits and vegetables does not mean you are limited to simply eating pieces of fruit and raw carrots all day. When choosing what foods are healthy, it is just as important to prepare them in new and interesting ways. You can add fresh fruits to your favorite energy drink or smoothie, for instance, top your yogurt with strawberries or enjoy a sliced banana with your morning cereal.


Learn to think long term

This kind of variety is vital to the long term success of any diet. It is not enough to simply know what foods are healthy. It is vital to use that knowledge to create healthy meals that you and your family will love.


In addition to fruits and vegetables, of course, there are a wide variety of foods that are good for the body. These excellent foods include whole grains, including whole wheat bread and crackers, low fat meats, chicken, turkey and other poultry products and fresh fish. There are so many answers to the question of what foods are healthy that the hardest part may be choosing among them.




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