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Coenzyme Q10 - Co q10 Health Benefits


Co Enzyme Q10 and CO Q10 Information

Co q10 is remarkable in the fact that it can be found in every living cell within the body and is a vital part of day to day living.  The essential role of Co q10 is to maintain the health of cells, tissues and organism's in your body.

But the biggest benefits of co q10 comes from its amazing anti-oxidant and energy production properties, co q10 has the ability to destroy free radicals and is a vital part of the body's energy production.

Co q10 is produced naturally in the body but only in small amounts.  For example if you were to take the recommended daily amount of 100mg, do obtain that through food you would need to eat 15 pounds of peanut butter.  Now I like peanut butter but I couldn't go through 15 pounds of the stuff.

Co q10 Health Benefits

It has been shown that CO Q10 is effective in the treatment of periodontal disease and is also being tested for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Huntington as well as immune system disorders including AIDS.

Some of the other health benefits of co q10 are:

  • May help with weight loss as co q10 helps to stimulate the body's metabolism.
  • Co q10 plays a vital role in the ATP energy system that fuels your body.

Every cell in the human body contains coenzyme q10 and it can be found in its highest concentration around the heart and liver.

Also co q10 appears to modulate blood pressure by reducing the amount of resistance on blood flow.  There have been several trials where it is shown that co q10 significantly reduced the blood pressure of those suffering hypertension usually up to 10 weeks to 4 months worth of treatment

Which is the best form of co q10 to take?

Both fat soluble and granular powder form co q10 have both been shown to be effective forms and work very well.

The usual level of adult supplementation is between 30-90mg daily.  Although certain conditions may require taking a higher dose (with guidance from a certified physician) an example from most of the research done on heart conditions would be 90-150mg of co q10 per day.



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