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Arterial Plaque and Coronary Heart Disease


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Coronary heart disease and arterial plaque build up is the most common cause of death in North America claiming one life every 33 seconds (over 1 million lives yearly in the U.S. alone).
This beg's the question of why are there so many people with this massive medical epidemic when there is a simple solution that is all natural and could potentially save your life.
Please read on and discover some amazing facts about coronary heart disease, arterial plaque and how you can avoid becoming a statistic.

What Is Cholestrol

Cholestrol in itself is a natural part of the bodies cycle and occurs in the everyday functioning of the body.As with everything in life, it only becomes a problem when there is an imbalance.
Processing of fat begins when it enters the intestines and starts to become absorbed, from here it is then sent to the liver for processing.� There are two possible outcomes from absorbed fat, one is where the fat is used immediately, the second is where the fat is stored.
For fat to be distributed around the body using the delivery system it must first be split into two forms.
  1. Cholestrol
  2. Tryglycerides
From here the two types of fat are placed into carrying vehicles so they may be transported around the body. These carrying vehicles are called lipoporteins and can be further broken down into the following three types.
  1. Very Low Density Lipoproteins (VLDL)
  2. Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL)
  3. High Density Lipoproteins (HDL)
Under normal life conditions the body naturally does an excellent job of LDL and HDL proteins around the body.
When there is an abundance of cholestrol in your bloodstream is when problems like arterial plaque and coronary heart disease can start to take effect.
LDL (also known as bad cholestrol) when available in abundance can lead to a narrowing of the blood vessels, the excess can also be deposited in the arteries of the heart which could result in a stroke or heart disease.

Arterial Plaque - the silent killer

As LDL deposits bad cholestrial into your arteries these "fatty streaks" develop and bulge. The body's natural reaction to such a bulge in your arteries is to cover it with a scar which produces a hard coat or shell over the cholestrol and cell mixture.
This is called arterial plaque and with regards to your heart you could call it your worst enemy
Listen ...your heart is nothing to fool with because it will not stand for any mistreatment, and that's exactly what you are doing when you don't take care of your arteries. Your arteries are the only source of oxygen and nutrients that your heart has.

As your arteries clog with plaque, and they do and will, you put your heart at risk. The more the plaque, the greater the risk to your heart, and you don't even know what's going on because you can't feel it!
Your heart is a big pump that consumes a lot of oxygen and nutrients which it cannot live or function without. Your heart doesn't have a direct line to your lungs. It must get its oxygen from your blood. Clogging narrows the blood passageways through your arteries. Restricted blood flow reduces the delivery of oxygen to your heart causing your heart to work harder.

Here's a very important point...the narrower your arteries, the less the delivery of oxygen and the harder your heart works. This build-up of stress on your heart will result in either heart damage due to oxygen starvation, or result in a minor, major or massive heart attack or stroke.

What can you do to prevent arterial plaque and coronary heart disease naturally

There are many things you can do to prevent arterial plaque naturally, which coincidently using natural treatments have many more benefits.
  • Reduce fat in your diet
  • Eat no more then 4 egg yolks per week
  • Eliminate fried foods
  • Eat vegetables and complex carbohydrates
  • lose weight if you are overweight
  • Snack on low fat healthy foods severl times per day
  • Eat a higher ammount of nuts
Infact by just eating 3 ounces of walnuts per day can reduce your cholestrol by 10%
Read below to find out the amazing natural supplement that can reduce deadly arterial plaque by up to 50%

Decrease deadly arterial plaque by up to 50% using an amazing natural supplement

This natural supplement has been in constant development for over 15 years and is one the best natural supplement on the market for reducing deadly arterial plaque.
Everything your body needs to become an arterial plaque fighting machine is in this supplement, I would call it the holy grail of natural supplements for this specific disease and could help your condition greatly.
In addition to the tens of thousands of clients using this product world wide we are sure you would want to see the photographic proof of these claims.
The increased white area indicates increased blood flow and an elimination of the plaque that was blocking this artery! The bright white spots are reflections from the camera's light.
Before Arterial Photo:
After Arterial Photo:
Before: This is an interior photo of a
coronary artery in a 68 year old male
patient prior to the use of the
GHS Plus formula.
After: Same artery 5 months later after
being on the GHS Plus formula.
Note that most of the plaque has been
dissolved to eliminate the threat of heart
attack or stroke plus improving blood flow.

Like the saying goes...seeing IS believing!

Need more proof? Take a look at this latest announcement...

"New Independent High-Tech Thermal Imaging Research
By A North Carolina Medical Research Organization
Clearly Shows An Estimated 50% Reduction
Of Deadly Arterial Plaque In Carotid Artery
After Only 6 Months Use Of
GHS Plus Arterial Cleansing Formula"
As you can probably see this really is an amazing supplement.

What will GHS Plus do for me

Here's what can you normally
expect with GHS Plus

  • Significant reduction of plaque from your arteries (the key benefit of eliminating heart disease).

  • Chelation of unhealthy heavy metals from your arteries without the use of the chemical EDTA.

  • Unrestricted Blood Flow enabling full delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen throughout your 60,000 mile vascular system to ALL your cells and organs. (Vital oxygen and nutrients help you to experience improved mental clarity, help you to feel better, think more clearly and have more energy to perform everyday tasks).

  • Avoid new blockages from forming.

  • Removal of life threatening toxins from your body (a key factor with today's environmental concerns).

  • More energy and vitality to do the things you enjoy.

  • Strengthens Your Immune System to greatly enhance your body own ability to fight viral, bacterial, and free radical attacks. (With a strong immune system you spend fewer days being sick helping you to enjoy each day to its fullest).

  • Eliminate the threat of gangrene and amputation for diabetics (both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetics).

  • Protect your future years.

  • Potentially add more years to your life AND more life to your years.

  • Powerful Anti-Oxidants which destroys free radicals that are constantly bombarding your body. (To ensure your health for years to come it's very important that everyone counteract the effects of free radicals damage caused by micro-waved food, modern food processing techniques plus air and water pollution.) GHS Plus contains powerful anti-oxidants that help neutralize these negative factors.

  • Minimize the real risk of heart attack or stroke.

  • Nutritional Supplementation provides your body with the vital nutrients it needs that you cannot get from your regular diet. You will substantially add to the benefits of the good foods you eat as GHS Plus provides your body with the higher level of life enhancing nutrients your body must have to achieve good health.

  • All the nutritional supplementation you need in one bottle. No other vitamins or minerals needed (which saves you money every month).

When you consider the painful life threatening alternatives, you will quickly see why so many have trusted to choose the all natural nutritional way of arterial cleansing by adding GHS Plus to their diets.

What have other people just like you said about this supplement?

I know that I love to read other people's comments on certain products so it is only natural tha I would expect you would like to read them too.
You see this product is that good that our testimonials alone will speak for themselves, here are some testimonials from real people getting real results

Take a moment now to read what a few people have to say about their personal experience with the phenomenal GHS Plus arterial cleansing formula.

Read this, from a person who reduced their cholesterol . . .

"I Don't Believe This"

I have been taking GHS Plus for about 3 months, and my total cholesterol is down from 222 to 176. Tryg is from 295 to 171. I also started using common sense with my sugar intake. I dont believe this.

- Milton J. Smith
Ohio - USA

And this, from a well-respected pharmacist . . .

"Running Up Stairs"

I have read about Vascular Cleansing and am astounded by the information. My father had angina and an angiogram that demonstrated extensive coronary stenosis. After taking the arterial cleansing formula he is now pain free and running up and down stairs.I am a pharmacist and when I saw that the formula was only a bunch of vitamins I was extremely skeptical. Now I have done a 180� turn and am totally convinced that there is something to the preparation that actually works.

- R. C.
Edmonton, AB, Canada

GHS Plus™ is improving people's lives around the world!

"I Race Along Like a Twenty Year Old"

Since taking GHS Plus I race along like a twenty year old, even uphill. I am also a diabetic Type 1 and my blood counts are normal. It is just like I do not have this disease, and I have been able to reduce my insulin intake. Also with the GHS Plus I am losing weight and people say I look good. So this 68 year old is looking to be younger and more energetic.

- Leila Klin
Jerusalem, Israel

"GHS Plus Helped To Speed My (Broken Hip) Recovery"

I'm 86-years-old and my friends are always asking me how I manage to look so good. I've tried other multivitamins but they just didnt give me the energy and feelings of well being I get from GHS Plus. Without GHS Plus I'd still be relying on wearing a nitro patch because of shortness of breath.�Over a one year period of time I fell and broke both of my hips very badly. My doctor thought I'd never make it out of hospital. I'm convinced that GHS Plus helped to speed my recovery because I'm now back home and walking my little dog.

- Connie Kelly
West Coast BC, Canada

"More Energy..."

I used to take a lot of different vitamins but since I discovered GHS Plus, it replaced all the others, saved me money, and offered me a much broader benefit. I have more energy and excellent health reports for two years in spite of being very overweight.

- E. Marlene Letendre
West Coast BC, Canada

And this from a customer in Nevada, Massachusetts and California.

"My Sight Has Been Restored!"

A laser surgeon told me I was a candidate for Laser treatments for Retinopathy. I am a diabetic. I placed my confidence in you not by personal referral, but totally on the basis of an intelligently written website. I am totally pleased with that decision! In just 6-8 weeks my sight has been restored and my toes, which for a year and a half have felt like they needed a "grease job", are doing much better also!

- Don Harris
Nevada, USA

"My Doctor Said My Blood Pressure Was Perfect"

I had purchased two bottles of GHS Plus a few months ago and I can honestly say I felt a big difference in the way that I felt. I can breathe better, I go up the stairs without huffing and puffing, and my Doctor said my blood pressure was perfect. I reordered late and have been without product for one week and really miss it. Please put me on your auto-ship program. Thank you for this life saving product.

- Geoffrey Christopher
Massachusetts, USA

"Leg Swelling No Longer Occurring"

I wanted to take a minute to let you know what the GHS Plus has done for me in just a few short months. My legs and ankles were swelling daily. I saw your ad and called. After just a few months the swelling is no longer occurring. Before GHS Plus , I was looking at having to go to the medical community and possibly spending the rest of my life on medications with all the side effects. Today, I am thrilled with this product and what it has done for me. I have just begun the total regime of Good Health Supplements and am looking forward to excellent results. Thanks for such great products.

- C. Scott, RN
California, USA

Are these people any different than you? I don't think so. They're just health conscious men and women who have taken a proactive approach to eliminating their heart disease without all the harmful drugs.

How much does the GHS Plus
arterial cleansing formula cost?

Not very much...a 30 day supply of the GHS Plus™ retails for only $69.00 (that's just $2.30 per day) plus shipping and handling...now wait...if you order today you'll receive FREE ENROLLMENT into our GHS Preferred Member Customer Club where you'll qualify to receive a full $20.00 discount (that's a 29% savings) on all orders of the GHS Plus.

So that you don't go a day without the GHS Plus in your system, you'll automatically receive fresh bottle(s) every 30-days. Your credit card will be billed the Club Member Price of only $49.00 plus shipping and handling - not the $69.00 fee non-members have to pay. 

There are no minimum amounts of bottles to buy and you can cancel at any time.
The price for a healthy body is definately worth it.
If you would like to read more about this product from the official website please visit the link below


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