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Fat Soluble Vitamins

There are two main classifications of vitamins according to their solubility in solutions: fat-soluble and water-soluble. The fat-soluble vitamins are :

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K.

The presence of fat is required for the assimilation and use of these vitamins in the body.

These vitamins are absorbed by the body from the intestinal tract and follow the same path of absorption as fat and any condition interfering with the absorption of fats would result in poor absorption of these vitamins as well.

This class of nutrient can be stored in the body to some extend, mostly in the liver, and because of this, short term deficiencies are less likely to manifest themselves slower than those of the Water Soluble Vitamins class.

When looking at taking the various types of fat soluble vitamins it is important to note the quality of the vitamin that is to be taken and also the delivery system of the vitamin.  This is especially important when considering taking a fat soluble vitamin as these are taken into the body at a much slower rate.

When looking for a company that delivers all of this I cam across Xtend-Life Natural Products.  This company is based in New Zealand and produces an all natural product that not only covers the essential fat soluble vitamins, but also all essential other vitamins that are needed, minerals, herbal extracts, amino acids and special co-factors.

Not only this but the cost of this product is very reasonable and will most likely save you money on your vitamin supplements. I will never waste another dime on any other vitamin supplement again.  I use their products every single day.

Their product Total Balance quite literally is a Total Balance system for your vitamin supplement intake.  They produce their product to the highest quality levels (even higher then the U.S FDA states) and have an amazing delivery system that ensures all your fat soluble vitamins are going to be put to good use.




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